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Thread: Teslas at Exotics at Redmond Town Center - Saturdays!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianman View Post
    I was going to go but sleep was more attractive on that particular day. Any other Tesla owners keep you company? How was the crowd overall? Cold weather and all, I'm curious.
    mjtgroup and his White Tesla are the ones that regularly represent for the Tesla fans that show up at the exotics@RTC car show. I did make it last week after missing several.

    Weather was nice, but foggy and on the cold side. As you might expect attendance was significantly less then spring and summer shows that can get quite crowded.

    But as usual, the people who did see the car had lots of questions and were happy that the Teslas were there.
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    The couple of times I attended this it was just altogether fantastic. I wish I could have gone more. Here's looking forward to next spring and hoping the Model S is still "exotic" enough to warrant a showing.
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