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Thread: Stuck in Seattle. High speed chargers I-5 corridor hurry up!

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    Stuck in Seattle. High speed chargers I-5 corridor hurry up!

    So, here i sit at the airport. Waiting for my FLIGHT to So.Cal. If there were a supercharger in eugene, i would have driven my new Model S. it kills me. I got talked into the max. 40 amp. Because the 'superchargers" are coming. Realistically charging at 31 miles per hour at 40 amps, after driving at 60 miles per hour, means one hour drive time, two hours wait charge time. Just takes the fun out of my car. I am impatient to get my $93,000 car out on the roads. Nothing, of course, matches 2 hours 23 minutes, but i would really rather have had the road trip in my new car. Four hours out of seattle, my son wants the car key because the"rocket" was left in the garage. Makes me sad.

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    I think everyone agrees; there can't be enough superchargers, and they can't come soon enough!

    That said, though, I love flying.

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    Even if they had a super charger in Eugene, that's not really enough. I'm looking at a Eugene->San Francisco trip and it doesn't look particularly feasible without huge wait times for charging. They need chargers in Eugene, Ashland, and Redding at least. Even then the stretch from Redding to civilization is a long one.

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