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Thread: LA to SD roundtrip 230 miles - one charge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickfair View Post
    Is it prudent to take the MS for a one day roundtrip from LA to SD on one charge? I have to attend a funeral in San Diego and am deciding between my new MS or my reliable ICE car. I only picking up the MS from the factory in Fremont on Sunday. Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vfx View Post
    Hope you are working on Claire. She needs chargers to complete the picture
    OH, I should have mentioned Claire's. She did put in chargers! She's got two Blink's right there by the patio now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dadaleus View Post
    OH, I should have mentioned Claire's. She did put in chargers! She's got two Blink's right there by the patio now!
    Yaa! Our big Roadster SD drive stopped at her place and broached the subject. She was worried about putting out even more cash as a new restaurant.
    I talked with her about rebates, the future cars that would be coming and that she can get even more LEED credits for putting them in. Years later I'm sure Leaf and Volt owners worked on her too.

    Such great news. It's a perfect fit!

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    Got curious and checked out Claire's website, even though I'm on the other side of the country. It says nothing about charging infrastructure... someone might want to suggest to her that she advertise that infrastructure more visibly, for her own benefit. Hopefully she's already on ChargePoint, Recargo, PlugShare, and so on...

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    I agree with others - while you *could* do it driving carefully and if nothing caused a detour or disruption, an hour or two of charging will make it a stress-free trip. I've been working on an "energy estimator" that accounts for average road speeds, hills, weather, etc - here is the prediction of the "beta code" for LA-SD (downtown-to-downtown, current traffic) - *should* (barely) make it at 67 mph with 85kWh battery (which has a little under 82kWh usable).

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    Yep, they are on Recargo and PlugShare...
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