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Thread: Model S Destroyed in EV Safety Training Video

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    Model S Destroyed in EV Safety Training Video

    Good information, but it turned into a horror show at around the 27 minute and 40 seconds mark... I'm not going to lie... I almost cried

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    Wow, I hope that was a beaten up demo car..

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    Painful, wow that hurt.
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    Hear, hear... All I could say was "oh, no!!!!!"
    It is great info to have. A Model S gave its life for the rest of us.
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    Good information for fireman but he pictures at the end hurt me every time.

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    Some golf cart, huh?! Glad to be driving one of these tanks!
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    I doubt I'll let the local fire department practice on my car.
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    I am a Norwegian that have reserved aModel S. So I have not yet seen any of these live.

    However, in this video I see a possibleconcern. If you see 29.3 into the video, you can see some very poorlyexecuted welds. I hope this is just due to this car only beingassembled for this demonstration.

    Is there any way to see these weldswithout doing what they do on this video? If so have onyone checkedon your own cars if these welds are better?

    In the case that these can not in anyway be seen, have any of you removed some panels or orther items sothat you have seen welds which are normally not visible? Do the weldlook like good quality welds?

    The main reason for concern iscorrosion, however I guess nobody has had their cars long enough tonotice if that will ever be an issue. Unfortunately, where I livethere is a lot of salt on the loads.

    The overall quality was also somethingI was thinking of when I saw the weld. From what I have read on theNorwegian forum there are different opinions regarding that.

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