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Thread: Recreating the NY Times Road Trip - Feb 15-17, 2013

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    Maybe invite other journalists to ride along. Someone from the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes or any other main stream national media outlet.
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    I think that would be hard, I'm just not sure that they would be so interested in the whole "taking matters into our own hands" aspect of it. Now, local news outlets and entities like The Verge...I bet we could get their attention.

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    spectacular idea guys, thanks in advance to anyone participating.

    not all in one group is a good idea... perhaps sets of two or three.

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    Sets of two makes sense. I agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Sherman View Post
    Great idea. I'm thinking Tesla should do it in the exact same vehicle. With a different NYT reporter. Not Jayson Blair.
    LOLz...Stephen Glass came to my mind!

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    Sign me up! Hope we can round up four of us from Boston!!

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    love this! do it guys. wish i could join.


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    Guys -

    Just a thought.... we could also have a "team" of guys in the NY/CT/NJ area start in CT where the reporter started and head south and another "team" start in DC and do the northbound trip. Then back to our respective homes afterwards.

    Maybe meet up in the middle somewhere on the NJ turnpike to meet and have a quick bite....


    ------------------------ Updated

    PS - I have a contact from the Tesla Motors Marketing Department I met at the Motor Trend announcement I attended in NYC. I just sent her the following email:


    Hello Kristin,

    I met you briefly at the Motor Trend announcement in NYC this past fall. Since then I've taken delivery of my Model S and am of course, thrilled!

    I'm quite active on the Tesla Motors Club forums and a thread was started about recreating the DC to CT road trip taken recently by the reporter at the NY Times. All of us are quite unhappy about the article and someone suggested if some East Coast owners could attempt the trip and prove this can be done in cold weather.

    I thought it might be good to reach out to you and discuss this possible endeavor and see what (possible) role Tesla Motors might like to take -- even if it is as simple as monitoring the logs of some of our cars or possibly more.

    What are your thoughts? This might be a great opportunity to put the facts on the table and prove that actual owners of the Model S can accomplish this trip quite well -- and without worry. Please feel free to give me a call on my cell or email me at your convenience.

    Thanks Kristin!
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    I am game to join the fun, but it will depend on the date.

    As many of you know, I travel between MD and NJ every week.

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    Thank you guys that are taking this on. If something similar happens in Minnesota or Wisconsin Ill be right there
    One note, time is very important here. The sooner, the better as long as we can get it properly organized. The longer the delay the more the naysayers will be claiming, 'it took a rocket scientist (Musk), x days or x weeks to figure out how to make the trip successfully'.

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