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Thread: Multi-Unit condo charging update

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandyS View Post
    A few comments:

    * The email address for getting your SDG&E electric vehicle / rate / charging questions answered is [email protected]

    * Note that SB 209 was revised and the latest version is SB 880. Under SB 880, a $1M insurance policy will need to be purchased by drivers.

    * Also note that SDG&E doesn't have "incentives or rebates" to install electrical outlets.

    * Unless you're driving a LOT of miles, $100 per month is not a favorable flat rate for the driver...

    * You may want to look into the eVgo model that is being rolled out in California for Multi-Unit dwellings. The wiring and back-end infrastructure is free to the HOA, and you as the driver would lease an EVSE from eVgo. They haven't set California pricing yet, but in Texas they charge $59/mo and that includes all off-peak energy. On their website, there is a page to sign up or get more information about the California rollout "Make ready" project or REV.

    * Finally, SDG&E is offering a Multi-Unit Vehicle charging workshop on Feb 26. You can get more information at and see the event on 2/26...
    Thanks RandyS

    I went ahead and emailed SDG&E again using the new address

    To satisfy the HOA $100/month fee, I would have to travel 45 to 85 miles a day (on peak/offpeak respectively) every day for 1 month

    I guess that is a lot but eVgo would charge about the same in California so I see no real benefit to using eVgo unless you like dedicated looking charging stations instead of a simple standard outlet. But they do have subscriptions for use of their charging stations for much cheaper. But that's moot if you own a Tesla

    The real question is how tenants can meter their vehicles so nobody pays for miles they did not drive? eVgo is still a flat rate company just like the HOA fee. Any suggestions? Maybe someone will make a service that tracks your mileage via GPS and creates a receipt that can be emailed to the HOA.
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