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Thread: TheVerge - Living with the Tesla Model S in the real world

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    Did it grate against anyone else the way he just spat his gum out the car window onto the supercharger floor?

    The review itself didn't strike me as particularly good or bad. But the fact that it was not bad/overly negative makes it ok in my books.

    But for the gum thing he should be fired (only partly joking...)

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    This first half of the trip was of particular interest to me for the reason I will give in a moment.

    Over all, the video showing the trip from L.A. to S.F. was somewhat informative, but I totally agree that there was a not so honest attempt to build drama about range and maybe even an attempt to run out of juice completely. As somebody here pointed out, if this was a real trip done by a model S owner they would not have put themselves in this situation at all. There just is no need to do so.

    First, as pointed out again by another, the major stop often used by most people going from LA. to S.F. (using the coast route as opposed to Interstate 5) or even just going to San Luis Obispo/Morro Bay area is Santa Barbara. It is a great place to take a bathroom break, get some coffee or lunch, do a little shopping or just get a stretch by walking and see some beautiful old buildings.

    It is clear that he did stop in Santa Barbara as he was shown pulling out of a parking structure, which probably had a charger in it. There are several in S.B. Why not then use the time that he used to feed his face to feed the batteries? Not doing so makes no sense at all and suggests another motive.

    Further, there are numerous chargers in between S.B. and Morro Bay. They have them in Goleta, Solvang, Lompoc, Santa Maria and a ton in San Luis Obispo. He drove past about 15 chargers from S.B. to Morro Bay "sweating" if he was going to make it or not. That wasn't honest and nobody in reality would cover this trip like this. There is just no logical reason.

    I've been making the trip from L.A. to Morro Bay in a gas car several times a year, often several times a month, since 1968. However, I'm looking forward to doing it in a Model X and will have no problem or range anxiety whatsoever because it is an easy trip to make the the 85 kWh battery with no more inconvenience to me or altering of my trip habits than a gas car. I'm really looking forward to it.

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    We see that a lot. Trying to create drama where there is none. This was a nicely photographed piece though.

    Welcome Kelly!

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    They are forthcoming in the article:

    We intentionally didn’t seek out a charger in Santa Barbara because we wanted to push the Model S’s battery to its limits: the Performance model is rated for 265 miles, it’s about 200 from LA to Morro Bay, and Tesla warned us that we’d lose a little range with a car full of equipment and people, perhaps getting 250 miles out of it. Also, we were being generous with the accelerator and running up and down some fairly hilly terrain, another knock on our total range.
    When I talked to them in Gilroy, they said they were going to make the return trip to Hawthorne along I-5. Wish they had talked about that part of the trip.
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