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Thread: ICE cars are dangerous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swaltner View Post
    Looks like a pickup in that Olive Garden photo. Any idea what it was?
    No idea. Too bad for the guy next to him.
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    Ok, that is very bad. A brand new Porsche 918 hybrid plug-in on fire in a Gas Station of Toronto. I think it's the first plug-in in this treat.

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    Since it's a hybrid, some news outlet use this to spin FUD on that hybrid thing. You know, these dangerous batteries.

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    I read a few people speculating that the top mounted exhaust might have something to do with it. If it had been run fairly hard before fueling, the exhaust could be very hot. I think the autoignition temprature of gasoline is only around 300C, which is relatively low.

    Either way, I cannot wait to only have to drive by gas stations.

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