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Thread: ICE cars are dangerous.

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    "The highway safety agency says at least 32 rear-impact fire crashes involving the Grand Cherokees have resulted in 44 deaths, and at least five rear-impact crashes involving the Liberty have resulted in seven fatalities."

    Apparently the "trailer hitch fix" isn't working for the rear impact issue.

    Fix your **** Chrysler.

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    "They've told us that they have nearly 400,000 parts, and yet we're getting complaints from consumers saying the dealers are telling them there aren't any parts."

    I'm so glad that automobile dealers are here to ensure consumer safety...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug_G View Post
    Here's just the crash itself (and audio bleeped where needed).

    say what you want about movie explosions, that real life accident looks like a movie scene.

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    Well this is interesting:

    Fiery Calif. crash injures 2, destroys Ferrari -

    For some reason a Ferrari crash and burn makes it to the front page of CNN. Go figure. I thought they only did that for Teslas.
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    Witnessed a minor collision between a Lincoln and a PT Cruiser in SoCal last week. Within about 30 seconds, flames were roaring from the front of the Lincoln and passengers were scurrying. Didn't see anything on the ones about it LOL.
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    Must get extra points for this combo!
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    I saw Video of this somewhere else from the other side. It started as a brake fire from the transport trailer.
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    crash today on 101 near Benbow

    semi and suv in flames. hope nothing like this happens on Weds. I plan on being at Benbow for breakfast and a charge bump
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    Jeep Cherokee catches fire 2 days after purchase; NHTSA opens probe


    January 16, 2015 - 11:06 am ET

    WASHINGTON -- A 2015 Jeep Cherokee that erupted in flames two days after purchase has prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate whether a defect exists in 50,415 of the SUVs.

    NHTSA investigators are looking into the cause of the incident as well as the frequency and scope of the potential problem. NHTSA’s Office of Defect Investigations has also received early-warning report data related to the alleged defect, according to investigation’s opening document posted on NHTSA’s website. [...

    Source: Jeep Cherokee catches fire 2 days after purchase; NHTSA opens probe | Automotive News
    For video – click here:

    NHTSA investigating 2015 Jeep Cherokee after new owner's total-loss fire [w/video] – autoblog

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    Puts the Model S that lost power after two days of ownership in perspective. Neither is good but I'd take loss of power over a fireball any day.
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