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Thread: Gauging interest on a P85 emblem that can be added to your car...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobinfla View Post
    I was down at the Tampa Service Center this past weekend and they said they'd order the badge for me. No idea on if they are going to charge for it, or how long it will take to see it. But may be worth a phone call before you go aftermarket.
    When they mentioned ordering for you, did they say there would be any cost for the product or installing it onto the car at the service center?

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    I'm in as well. Tesla want to come out with the same one. I hope you are faster.
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    count me in.

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    I'm confused by these last two posts so I guess I'll chime in.

    My recollection is that the P85 badges/emblems were not available when this thread was started. Since then, Tesla has made the "MODEL S" and "60"/"85"/"P85" badging available to owners. If you take delivery of a vehicle without them, Tesla will correct the issue (when asked) by providing the emblems under the heading "goodwill". If you need an additional set, I believe they're in the $45-$55 range. (I forgot what I paid for my replacement "MODEL S" when I had my car wrapped. The "P85" I got as "goodwill" because I never had an initial one prior to the wrap.)
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