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Thread: Cars with comparable dimensions

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    Cars with comparable dimensions

    I could not find this mentioned anywhere, but I do apologize if this has been previously discussed here on the forum.

    I've been patiently waiting for my Model S now for what feels like a decade. I've had "test-sits" and test-drives at every opportunity, and I do look forward to it.

    But I think it is a really big car. I'm used to fairly long and wide cars, but when getting my Model S I expect that it will become my preference both for inner city as well as highway and mountain drives. (I currently drive a small EV for my daily commute into town and the SUV is tucked away in the garage waiting for those trips that my EV can't handle)

    Trying to find out what to compare to, I've tried to find cars of the same size. But the Model S seems to be wider than most.. Do you know of any cars as wide as the Model S? (esp. including the external mirrors)

    Here are some dimensions (length in millimeter x width in millimeter including external mirrors)
    Tesla Model S: 4976 x 2187
    Porsche Panamera: 4970 x 2114
    Audi S7/A7: 4980 x 2139
    BMW 7 : 5079 x 2142
    VW CC: 4802 x 2090

    Some are longer, but where are the cars that are wider? I know that e.g. the VW Touareg is 2208mm wide, but I do not consider that the same type of car really. Are there any wide sedans out there?

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    The car is not quite as wide (with the mirrors) as a Ford Taurus X (a CUV), and not at all as long.

    To what I take as your underlying question: Up until the point I pull into my garage and have reality staring me in the face, the Model S "feels" like it's about as wide as my BMW 545i, a car I've been driving for 8 years now. Actually, it was more disconcerting moving to a 5 series when I first did that some 200 years ago. I remember thinking at the time "Geez, this is a WIDE car!". More to the point, it doesn't feel huge like a 7 series, whatever the dimensions.

    So among the set of cars I care about, it is the widest, but it doesn't seem noticeably so in that the wide does not affect the way I think about driving it or parking it... except when I pull into my two-car but divided garage and have to move a bit more carefully into it (not THAT much more carefully than with the 5 series and LOT less carefully that the wife's CUV).
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    Yes, you're right. Range anxiety I do not have anymore - but I feel a parking lot anxiety coming on

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    I was very concerned with the size of the Model S before getting it, even after test driving it (on unfamiliar roads). But after getting it, and driving my normal areas I don't have any problems. And I came from a VW GTI. It is big, but it doesn't feel overly big.

    I find the car has good visibility out of the windows. Much better than some other modern cars. I am surprised how good the vision is out of the fairly small back window. It has a fairly tight turning circle, not GTI tight but tight.

    I have always had a seating position in cars where I can not see any of the hood. So I have always driven 'blind' of where the front of my car is. I can just see the hood flare in the Model S.

    The only real problems I have had are getting the car square when parking. This is partly due to the hood flares, and partly due to the length of the vehicle. I also have a problem sticking out. But this is almost solely due to vehicle length, and my refusal to park over any raised features. That and the mirrors seem to stick WAY out.

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