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Thread: 60 kWh 0-60mph time

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    Thanks for posting this! Very nice! 5.9 is the official Tesla quoted time, so that's pretty cool that you are beating that by half a second!

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    That is what I find cool about the S (and other EVs to come i'm sure). No need to be a Formula One driver to achieve the quoted time, simply floor the pedal and here you go. Part of how you beat a SRT10, E63 AMG and an M5.
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    Now that their is plenty of 60kwh, 85kwh, and p85kwh. How about a drag race!!! Anyone else test their 60kwh 0-60?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearwaterBchSteve View Post
    The 60KWh might likely become the best "bang for your buck" Model S. 5.6 sec is a very respectable 0-60 time for any large sedan.
    It's a very respectable 0-60 time for any car, period. My prior car was a 2009 BMW 335ci convertible with the twin-turbo 300HP / 300 lb-ft engine in it and the sport package as well. It impressed all normal people who got anywhere near it, and yet "only" clocked 5.9 in the 0-60 sprint. Going to a manual transmission would have made it quicker, but only down to 5.7 according to BMW. Lots of other examples I could give, but you get the point.

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    I used my iphone to record video of the 0-60 time in my 60kwh Model S. According to Final cut Pro's timecode, it did the run in 5.26 seconds, which I'll round up to 5.3. Pretty impressive!

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