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Thread: Audio: Handsfree audio problems?

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    many have commented to me that the sound from the car over the phone is excellent. i do actually have people asking where i am and not knowing i'm in the car. in the bmw people always knew: "Hi, how are you?-- Oh, you're in the car...?" i'm on iphone 5 latest software. fwiw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlawson4 View Post
    With the 4.1 update people say they cannot hear be due to background noise.
    Haven't heard that, but I'm on v4.1 and like most others on this thread people tell me the sound quality is excellent and they're surprised to hear I'm in the car. Using iPhone5 BTW.

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    I was on 4.1, people had no idea i was in the car either. They always said i sounded great. The problem i have is how they sound to me. I can hardly understand what people are saying. I take conference calls from the car and i often have to disconnect the handsfree and use the speakerphone.

    Today I am on 4.2 and unfortunately the problem is still there. I am using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. A little more than a year old.

    I still have not tried my phone in another car, nor did i try another phone in mine.

    Can you guys describe how people sound to you when you are on handsfree.

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    I tried calling people from the car via handsfree using an iPhone 4. The other person's voice sounded much better than with my Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus running android 4.1.1 on verizon.

    I also tried a Samsung Galaxy S, the person I called sounded much better than when i was on the Nexus.
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    Using an iPhone 5 I've had no issues. The other person never realizes I'm talking via car.

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    Ran a test to compare voice quality using my Galaxy S3 both paired and unpaired with the car - calling to voice mail.

    When unpaired, the audio quality of my voice was very good using the cell phone's built-in microphone.

    The quality was noticeably worse going through Bluetooth to the car.

    I had a similar problem with my previous car, and was able to correct the problem by adjusting the microphone settings in the car's hidden diagnostics.

    Wonder if there are any settings available to fine tune the microphone in the car?

    Also noticed that the voice command also has difficulty recognizing voice commands at times - perhaps that's caused by the same microphone quality problem.

    Anyone else having these problems?

    Going to add this to my issues list (received my car two weeks ago and waiting for Tesla service to provide the missing due bill items).

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    Microphone Quality

    Galaxy S3: My audio is also bad. Curiously, the voice controls are fine. Wondering if it's my phone somehow?? Considering having to use earpiece. I'd like to know if there is any tweak we could do. I'd like to know where in the car the microphone is, for that matter!


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    Has anyone discovered the location of the mic in the S?

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