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Thread: Georgia Power uses Model S as banner icon

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    Georgia Power uses Model S as banner icon

    Georgia Power is using a Model S for all their EV related topics on the top banner.

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    Does anyone use their EV ToU plan in Atlanta? The summer daytime rates seem so high it might not be worth it.

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    Several people from our local EV Club are using the EV plan with Georgia Power. I am on Cobb EMC so I don't have that option.

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    I think RobS (a lot more active on Atlanta FB group than here) signed up for it, but he regretted it once he did because of the daytime rates, and you have to be on it for a year before you can switch back...

    That's cool that they are using the Model S on the banner though!

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    Is there a way to open a second meter for a residential address? say... another meter for a home office and then never use it except to charge the car?

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    Odd that they're using the old picture (9 blade wheels).
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    Quote Originally Posted by brianman View Post
    Odd that they're using the old picture (9 blade wheels).
    And missing the front side vents for the radiators. Everyone uses those old photos because they are much cheaper to purchase off of the Leaf Desk (or might even be free from Tesla for all I know). Newer images incur a really substantial premium, so unless you have your own photography (or a rich budget), everyone is using the older photos.

    But yes, the comment I hear when I ask is that the new photos are expensive.

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    I was looking at my local provider's site (Sawnee EMC) and I think that, for them, it needs to be separately metered (and the year commitment like GP has).

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