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Thread: Get Amped - Munich (DE) - 25-27 Jan 2013

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    I can see a little LED looking bar on the left side of the diffuser. Looks kinda "stuck on" so whether it's final or not who knows, but I imagine that's the fog light for now.

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    the EU fog light will go on a lamp by the chrome stripe ( in the middle), so one is a rear lamp and the other fog , but they told me the after market version was quicker to convert and get them on reg. plates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RWD4FUN View Post
    - 5 service centers planned for Germany: Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart
    (I'm not a local, but looks like HH stands for Hamburg)
    Other locations according to the presentation are:
    Belgium: Brussels
    Switzerland: Geneva
    Netherlands: Amsterdam, Apeldoorn
    France: Paris, Lyon
    Norway: Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger
    Denmark: Copenhagen
    If I get my Model S early enough, I might be the first customer in Duesseldorf for a regular service

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