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Thread: Parking/Charging at Bell Square Tesla reserved area

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    @brianman, didn't realize that they chain up the entrance after the mall closes. I'll see if I can find any info out about how we should handle that if we want to charge after hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blurry_Eyed View Post
    @brianman, didn't realize that they chain up the entrance after the mall closes.
    I'm not certain about that. I am certain that they have a chain, and I was/am nervous.
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    On my recent road trip to Vancouver BC, I returned back to Bellevue and needed to charge at Bellevue Square. I called ahead to the store and was told the adaptor is not left at the charger after hours so I had to charge at the nearby Chargepoint chargers. It was not a big deal. But you should call ahead if they need the adaptor and to charge.

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