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Thread: TMC Model S Statistics for 2012

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    Model S Production and Delivery Statistics for 2012

    As 2012 now is behind us, it may be time to summarize certain 'statistics' for the Model S. Many people ask questions in other threads and having certain statistics may help others new to the Model S and TMC. Also, there are several threads that include key statistics/dates/etc. so having a single place may be helpful (but not replace the other threads).

    The list below should be fairly accurate - I will update the table as people post corrections/updates in this thread below or send me PMs.

    Also, if there are other items that should be included, please let me know and I will update the table.

    Description VIN/Res # Date TMC Member
    Last VIN in production line 3429 12/30/12 GeekGirls
    Last VIN for model year 2012 (C) 3268 *
    Highest VIN assigned in 2012 3383 12/31/12 bonforte (TM)
    Highest VIN physically delivered 3026 12/31/12 b (TM)
    Time of last physical delivery reported in 2012 2570 12/31/12 6:00 pm Pacific bbmertz
    Highest U.S. reservation number physically delivered 9864 (VIN 2925) 12/29/12 RNGONMT
    Highest VIN reported on a truck 3235 12/31/12 jat (TM)
    Lowest VIN physically delivered 1653 12/31/12 Todd Burch
    Lowest VIN still to be delivered 1380 12/31/12 W8MM
    Total reservations made, worldwide 20,006 ** 12/31/12 from michanganmodels
    Highest U.S. reservation number 17849 12/31/12 GTI_Phillipp
    Lowest U.S. reservation number assigned 60 kWh 631 12/31/12 hans
    Last U.S. Signature Model S delivered 991 12/15/12 kroneal
    Date last model year 2012 (C) physically delivered TBD mm/dd/13 TBD
    First Canadian Signature Model S delivered 2006 12/20/12 Doug_G
    First U.S. general production vehicle delivered 1571 (Res #P-83) 11/29/12 napabill

    * Estimated (between 3260 and 3276)
    ** Estimated, to be confirmed by michaganmodels

    Sources: Postings from TMC, postings from TM, michiganmodels and TimDorr's spreadsheet
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