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Thread: Any way to program Homelink without handheld remote?

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    I'm just saying I've programmed two other cars' Homelink (Merc and Lexus) without a handheld remote so it can be done. I understand why Tesla would want to set things up to read the signal from an existing transmitter, but other car manufacturers have other solutions.

    Pulling the wall mounted remote off of the wall, and holding it in front of the bumper did work. Odd that on a wall 4' high, 4' away from the bumper failed, but in my hand, 2' high, 2' away from the bumper worked. Is the search really that sensitive to signal strength?

    Anyway, the car can open one door now, but not the other, as the wall mounted remote doesn't work with the other door, either. maybe it's the wrong frequency?
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    My experience with my non-rolling-code transmitter was rather horrible. Took 3-4 tries for my DS and I to do it right, and then when I had to re-program it (after the GPS issue was fixed), it took another 20 minutes for the ranger and I to do it. Also required a new battery in the transmitter.

    It's likely you have two different frequencies in your openers. They've changed over the years -- see the table here, about halfway down the page.

    In theory, Tesla should be able to do this by asking you to press the learn button on the opener, then sending messages on the three different frequencies, then ask you to hit the button until the door opens so it knows which frequency you're on. Alternatively, they could just choose to send 3 signals each time you push the button too - one on each frequency.

    Like other subsystems in the car, they may have a Homelink module from a third-party manufacturer, and they've just made it work for now based upon the traditional GM-style "hold the transmitter here" method.

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