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Thread: Indianapolis To Tap Alternative Fuels

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    Indianapolis To Tap Alternative Fuels

    Wall Street Journal article today:
    Indianapolis is set to announce Wednesday that it plans to phase out gasoline and diesel from the city's vehicle fleet by 2025, one of the most ambitious steps toward alternative fuels by a major U.S. city.

    Mayor Greg Ballard, a Republican, will outline Wednesday his plan to shift the city's fleet of cars, heavy trucks and even police cruisers to a mix of electricity and natural gas in coming years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert.Boston View Post
    Well there goes my plan to outrun the Indy cops in my S. Or, do we get special dispensation if we're pulled over BY an S IN our S?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert.Boston View Post
    What's alternative about natural gas? It's about as much an alternative to petrol as diesel is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johan View Post
    What's alternative about natural gas? It's about as much an alternative to petrol as diesel is?
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    One good thing about alternative fuels is that they produce less pollution than gasoline of diesel. Whether they are biofuels or something totally different, add a certain spice of life to the field of automotive tales. Here are some of the weirdest people have tried: Alternative Fuel Gas Tank.

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