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Thread: Massachusetts says Tesla can sell cars there

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntjo View Post
    Texas is next?
    Any firm proof that Elon et al is working Texas as hard as they worked MA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitch672 View Post
    I don't expect the MA auto dealers association to give up, they are a tenacious bunch. Doesn't matter though, they've already lost the battle to consumer sentiment.. Most consumers prefer Teslas model to the current "stealership" sales process anyway.
    AMEN! I guess at some "level" it's just business. It's certainly not the number 1 reason i have 2 reservations and will definitely buy the truck if it ever comes to fruition but these people DISGUST me. Some of the worst days of my life have been spent at car dealerships. I believe in my heart that Tesla is and WILL be different. I pray that I'm right. Really, I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sublimaze1 View Post
    Any firm proof that Elon et al is working Texas as hard as they worked MA?
    Tesla's internal legal counsel at the hearing last night was Dan Connelly (I think I got that right)--flew up from Texas, I was told, because he has the greatest experience on franchise issues. You don't hear many Texas twangs at a New England town meeting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapitalistOppressor View Post
    Fallout from the Massachusettes dealers lawsuit being eviscerated a few weeks ago, IMHO. The application was being slow-walked to give the dealers time to fight it out in court. That litigation has now been reduced to zombie status, and once dismissed Tesla would be free to put legal pressure on Natick for holding up an application for reasons already dismissed by the courts. So this is just them recognizing reality.

    Natick selectmen grant license to Tesla cars - Framingham, MA - The MetroWest Daily News

    Presumably, the next move for the dealers will be to tap friendly legislaters to move a bill modeled on the one passed in Colorado. But that is a year away, assuming it can even succeed.

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    Judge dismisses MA Autodealers case

    MA Auto Dealers' Suit Against Tesla Dismissed By Judge
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grendal View Post
    Something about this made me chuckle.
    Robert O’Koniewski, the association’s executive vice president, said it opposes the legislation."The whole system of franchise law is to ensure a legitimate dealer-manufacturer relationship," he said.

    O’Koniewski said the franchise system has created competition among dealers of Ford or Chevrolet or other brands "ensuring consumers really get a fair shake in the process."

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    The text of the bill is found here: Bill H.241

    I urge any MA residents to write to their state rep and state senator voicing, asking for their support on this bill. We know the car-dealer lobbyists will be swinging hard against it.

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    I bet they wish they had never filed the first lawsuit, it just woke everybody up to the fact that the dealer laws are for the dealers only.
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