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Thread: Georgia not allowing in-person DES delivery?

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    Georgia not allowing in-person DES delivery?

    Got this from my DES today:

    On that note, I do have a bit of unfortunate news: Not being a licensed dealer in Georgia and selling our cars directly from California, it is an extremely delicate circumstance. We try to give our personal touch while staying in the confines of Georgia's laws pertaining to manufacturers having direct contact with customers. Though I had hoped to be able to meet with you in person, one of our specialists from California will be reaching out to perform a virtual walk through with you once you receive your Model S.
    I had hoped to meet Cale too! (He's been great) I've heard of similar laws in Texas, but Georgia too? Sounds kind of like a capacity issue more than a legal issue. There have been Sig deliveries performed by a DES in-person already. Were those just flying under the radar and now they have to get serious and follow the letter of the law? This seems a bit odd to me.

    Edit: Just got some more info on the situation:

    Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona are the 4 states we have the most challenges with. Texas has drawn a clear line that we are not able to meet a customer in person. Georgia has been a case where we have tiptoed knowing they have similar laws but have yet to actually be slapped on the wrist yet.
    I can understand where Tesla's coming from. They have a strained delivery capacity as it is, so any hiccups with the law here in GA could be potentially devastating for deliveries here, so they want to avoid any headaches. Kind of sucks, but I'm still getting a virtual walkthrough at least.
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    @timdorr - this does not surprise me. Just count yourself thankful that your car is in the paid to deliver mode when this happened. I was in the middle of financial check cutting when they pulled this carp on me in Texas. I know it is not crystal clear why this matters, but let's simply say, when you pay the taxes up front, and then find out that Texas didn't let Tesla collect the taxes, and then your financial institution says

    F.I. "why don't these numbers match" and then you say

    me "well Tesla is not actually a dealer and the state of..."

    F.I. "what do you mean Tesla is not a dealer"

    me "well, it is sort of like this ..."

    F.I. "did you buy this car on the internet?"

    me "well, yes"

    Apparently, that flavor of comment is a banking RED FLAG.

    But, we got through it - it was just like one of my physical exams. I think you know what I mean.


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    Just an update to this. I received my paperwork packet via FedEx and sent it back. Inside was some stuff for me to sign that allows Tesla to register the car in CA. Once registered there, I can transfer over to get a GA title and tag. They should be FedEx-ing back that paperwork ASAP so I can take things over to the tag office.

    So, there's still no in-person delivery and the title/tag is a little funky. Just a heads up for others to know what to experience in GA.

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