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Thread: Northern Illinois "Meetup" Tesla Owners Group first meeting / photos.

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    Northern Illinois "Meetup" Tesla Owners Group first meeting / photos.

    Thanks to everyone who showed up to our first "meeting".

    20 drivers / owners have signed up thus far, and 10 showed up this past Saturday.

    Parking lot of Rosebud, Schaumburg, IL was "graced" with 6 "S"'s, 1 Roadster. As one member commented, probably the most S's in one grouping ever outside California?

    Great time had by all.

    One particularly cool shot was of a bunch of keys with miniature S's on the table. Only half the table had taken delivery so far.

    We will be meeting monthly in the greater Chicago area.

    Anyone with a reservation and close enough to be convenient; come join us!

    Visit us at

    Tesla Owners Illinois (Schaumburg, IL) - Meetup
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