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Thread: Gift for a Model S owner?

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    Sponsor (& Model S Owner) pete8314's Avatar
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    I've added these to my Xmas wishlist (it's on Amazon, if any of you want me to share it with you, I'm happy to )...

    1. Tirekit
    2. Laser Shifter
    3. EV parking sign (for the garage)
    4. Opticoat (recommended elsewhere on this forum)
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    Quote Originally Posted by pete8314 View Post
    I've added these to my Xmas wishlist.
    3. EV parking sign (for the garage)...
    Better is to buy accessories like the EV parking sign from Plug in America. (and the car illustration is much cooler).

    Plug in America educates the public about driving electric but more importantly for us is that they are working on things like increasing US charging stations (and pushing for more high power ones) and they have the legal team that has helped get us the Fed 7,500 discount and other EV perks like ticketing for ICEing that we all enjoy.

    EV Xmas shopping here!

    Action Page | Plug In America

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    Floor mats. So they'll be nicely aired out before his S arrives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E46 View Post
    Hi. New to the forum and sadly not a Model S owner. But I have a close friend who is eagerly waiting for delivery and wanted to see if anyone had any cool gift recommendations. Didn't see much besides apparel on the Tesla site. Happy Holidays!

    Dmizock from the forums saw me one day in my new S. He is a soon to be an S owner. He recommended Zaino products for taking care of the car. They have a lot of products and kits. I have mentioned to the kids that this is what I want for Christmas. I haven't used them yet but the reviews are good. (I would rather have one of the kids wash the car for me once a week but that's not going to happen.)

    I also think a gift certificate to have the car professionally detailed using good products would be great. I drove a 13 year old Honda prior to this car so taking care of my paint was pretty low on my list. I have a lot to learn and am pretty clueless at this point.


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    The black Tesla jackets are really nice, but be forewarned: the men's sizes seem to run a full size larger than labeled, so order one size down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason S View Post
    Floor mats.
    I second the floor mats suggestion. Backseat floor mats are a must, plus you could also get frunk and hatch mats as well.

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