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Thread: EPA for 60kWh battery rated at 208mi

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    EPA for 60kWh battery rated at 208mi

    Without any fanfare, the EPA has released its range rating for the second version of the Tesla Model S to come to market.

    The 2013 Tesla Model S fitted with a 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack has a rated range of 208 miles.

    That compares to 265 miles for the Model S version with the largest 85-kWh battery pack.

    The new 60-kWh Model S has a higher efficiency rating (95 MPGe versus 89 MPGe) and uses slightly less energy to cover 100 miles: 35 kWh versus 38 kWh.

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    Very exciting for those who have finalized with the 60kWh pack.
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    Looks like the weight savings do help

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    This is really good. The 60 really is starting to look like the sweet spot in the Model S lineup.

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    208mi = close to 335km, which is superb Plenty of places to go one charge.

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    biggrin, biggrin ... oh...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Up on their website:

    Compare Side-by-Side
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    Quote Originally Posted by gg_wants_a_tesla View Post
    biggrin, biggrin ... oh...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Up on their website:

    Compare Side-by-Side
    Yup, looks like the 60 is more efficient. Definitely a sweet spot

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    I'm very pleased, now let's talk about, in the right thread of course, how these can start shipping in Dec

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    I predicted this in August!

    What's interesting is that Tesla's estimated range doesn't decrease at the same rate as the battery pack capacity:

    85kWh -> 60kWh = 29.4% decrease
    300mi -> 230mi = 23.3% decrease

    60kWh -> 40kWh = 33.3% decrease
    230mi -> 160mi = 30.4% decrease

    This indicates that Tesla thinks the car will actually get more efficient as you move down the range, probably due to a decrease in the overall weight of the vehicle. With this, though, you can make a pretty accurate estimate of what the range of the other models might be, using the EPA-tested range of the 85kWh model.

    85kWh = 265 miles

    So I'm guessing:

    65kWh = 203 miles
    40kWh = 141 miles

    These values somehow come to a range difference of almost exactly 100km between each battery pack:

    265mi = 426.5km
    203mi = 326.7km
    141mi = 226.9km
    Granted, it was pretty obvious, but someone else said the weight of the different battery packs was the same and I think this contradicts that. Let's at least hope the 40 kWh battery follows the same trend

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    Sort of baffled why the highway rate is better with the 60. The wind resistance doesn't change. I'd have thought the extra weight was more of a factor in stop-n-go.

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