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Thread: Weather, clock, and more in the browser

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    Weather, clock, and more in the browser

    I know Teslatime started the concept. I am playing with browser features like weather, a clock, plug-share, valet instructions, tow instructions, etc.

    Planning on having a Tesla style side panel with buttons like in Media and links to these features.

    Here's a clock/weather view. Menu on the side to come.

    Name:  tesla apps.jpg
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    That's a carbon fiber background and will be look for good options in plano, obeche, etc.

    Feature requests and ideas are welcome.

    Used to program and a bit rusty now so it will take some time to relearn the essentials and a lot has changed too (tips hat to current programmers).
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    This is great. Love TeslaTime and had hoped someone would make a portal like this for great-looking webapps.
    You've covered the biggies... but since you asked, next ones I'd pick would be:
    - sports ticker
    - stock ticker
    - Twitter client? (esp. if it can READ the tweets, but not sure if webapps have access to voice output, or if they ca use location data.
    - Sticky Notes app - leave post-it-type notes on your "dash" with things you need to remember.

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    Very neat! I'd be happy with time and weather.

    @JoshG: I've seen somewhere that Tesla has a sticky notes app, but not implemented yet.
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    Very nice walla! Send us a "beta" link
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    +1 on the stock ticker. A personalized stock ticker would definitely be a nice gadget.
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    For weather, I'd love to have a decent interactive weather map. At least in my area of central NC, the storms have a tendency to move around pretty fast leading to very vague weather forecasts with the "chance of rain" usually way higher than reality.

    Not sure how readily you could snag LAT/LON info, but given that and plugged into the Weather Underground's mobile data feed, could be pretty nifty!

    Sample wunderground map around Fremont:

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    Nice. I think I need to start personalizing my car. Wish I knew some programming other than Fortran

    I usually use Meteostar.wxweb for weather
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    Awesome idea! I think the clock should be more prevalent. This is a great solution!

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm got a new domain name and plan to do some stuff this weekend when I am not driving/working. I hope to have a decent beta by the end of the week next week for users to login and configure their car stuff.

    Thanks for the suggestions on stocks. Plans for now stocks, weather, clock, social (twitter (no computer voice reading), facebook), instructions, charging locations, sticky notes, customize background to close match interior, etc. The key is to make it look integrated as much as possible in my opinion and that will take the most time.
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    you can use the chargingstations database
    it's free to use for every one making websites or apps

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