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Thread: OK.. Where did *that* green come from!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gg_wants_a_tesla View Post
    Green's quite a chameleon; can appear to be deep blue or black in various lighting conditions.
    I found the Blue to be like that as well. It looks nothing like the way it is represented on the web site.

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    In the service center I thought they were black but something in the back of my head told me to look closer, upon which I could see the green and blue tint.
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    Just picked up my green Model S today on a very dim, murky Seattle day. (Is there any other kind in December?)

    The poster above who said green is a chameleon nailed it; with today's overcast, anyway, it does look black when in motion, but direct light hits it and it carries from a nice "British Racing Green" to a slightly bluish tint, depending on the 'temperature' of the light hitting it. In my own garage under bright white flourescent light it reverts to black-at-a-distance, deep-green-up-close:

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    The more "bluish" tint to these photos comes when my crappy Droid's camera flash hit. To the naked eye, it's a lot darker, overall.
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    Thanks to all for posting these. Very helpful for those of us who have to make a decision now. Indeed, the Green is very nice. Based on what you all are saying, it appears that in most light it isn't quite the British Racing (Jaguar) green which would also look fantastic on this car.

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    Thanks for the pics. Man! I keep going around and around. Green, blue, gray. I do like those last shots of the green in the garage. It has a really nice, dusky color to it.

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    I just got my green Model S today, too; taking tomorrow off for some driving and photography. Forecast to be sunny and cold (low humidity) -- good photography conditions to show off the green. I'll post better examples tomorrow.

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    The green looks really great in the light.

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    The green on the Go Electric page is the standard CGI green they've always had in the design studio. None of the CGI colors in the design studio are a precise depiction of the actual colors on a real car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schlermie View Post
    The green on the Go Electric page is the standard CGI green they've always had in the design studio. None of the CGI colors in the design studio are a precise depiction of the actual colors on a real car.
    And it is BOGUS. TM marketing division (if they even have one) should be ashamed. Just like that pale grey ILLEGIBLE text all over their webpages <points finger of shame>.

    Now that TM needs to pull real people into this market, as opposed to simply playing to the choir, maybe they should consider a full revamp of their public profile.

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    Not sure I would go that far, but I would suggest that now that there are plenty of real-life examples of the various configurations, they could greatly augment the Design Studio with real-life photo galleries of interior and exterior combinations, in both indoor and outdoor lighting.

    I really can't wait for Robert.Boston's battery charge to be depleted, so he is forced to return home to recharge and upload more pics of the green, in full sunshine!
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