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What specs are HKers going for? Performance or 40kWh? Range wise deffo 40kWh is enough but people here love driving their supercars at 30mph traffic!!
From what I hear, about 50/50 signature vs production at the moment. Everyone I talk to is signature, and most want the performance model. But, then again, the current events are mostly for signature and roadster owner reservers.

I'm probably going for 60kWh battery, production standard model. Definitely with tech package, pano roof and air suspension.

I got amped today, and it was an amazing experience. Thanks to Kenneth and the whole Tesla team for the opportunity. The car is amazing to drive. Very smooth. The route around Cyberport is short and speed limited, but gives you a good idea of what the car can do. It is also quiet, without much traffic, which is hard to find in Hong Kong.