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Thread: Thread preview bubble

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    Quote Originally Posted by doug View Post
    I'm trying to understand the circumstances under which they pop up unintentionally. That never happens to me when browsing on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.
    Tablet panning and zooming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doug View Post
    I'm trying to understand the circumstances under which they pop up unintentionally. That never happens to me when browsing on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.
    The behavior I see in both Firefox and Safari on a Mac is that hovering the cursor anywhere over a particular row in the thread list displays the thread info.

    From looking at the page source, guessing that some browsers are using the "title" value from the <li> element similar to the alt text value for a link.

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    The poll bubbles were glitching when I voted. It came out "I dislike" when rather it is the opposite. I quite like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discoducky View Post
    @Johan, where is the option to disable in browsers? I did a quick check in IE and Firefox and couldn't find it. Searched for tooltips and mouse over.!
    Uhm... Sorry, there is no option to do this. It's hard coded in the HTML it seems and none of the big browsers have an option to disable it... However, once they do pop up inconveniently you can press Ctrl or Shift and they will disappear...
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    They come up for me because I use the pageup/down/arrow/spacebar keys to scroll around, leaving the mouse cursor in an area that can trigger them. Also scrolling using the touchpad and various other methods which don't move the mouse cursor.
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