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Thread: XM reception around Seattle

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    Quote Originally Posted by olanmills View Post
    Interesting. Yeah, my radio is from 2008. I have my Model S now, but I haven't transferred my XM account over to it. I'll let you know if it still hisses. I'm assuming it does per brianman's post, though he wasn't explicit about the Model S being the XM radio he's talking about.
    Yes, I was referring to my Model S's XM reception in the OP.
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    Yup, I definitely experienced the hissing today. The XM reception seems to be no better or worse than my old car. I found the same dead spots.

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    I went ahead and enabled XM for my car and definitely notice more drop around driving around town than I did with Sirius in my Audi. Light tree cover seems to impact it much more.
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    You are not alone. Satellite radio is a "line of sight" proposition. If the antenna can't "see" the satellite (parked over Kansas) you're going to lose the signal. I experience drop outs in the same exact location(s) daily during my commute from Magnolia to Belltown. The signal from the satellite is also weaker in the PNW as we are near the edge of the satellite's 'footprint.'

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