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Thread: Why no multi-coat black?

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    Why no multi-coat black?


    I love black, and I would assume that the multi-coat paint will look better than the "regular old paint" in any color. I would also guess that black is a frequently-chosen color.

    Does anyone have any idea why black is not offered in multi-coat? Is there no benefit, contrary to my speculation? Or do we assume that it's too early in the production process and they just haven't gotten to it, like the red which was just recently added?

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    I thought exactly the same thing. Best response was they will add it to the feedback.
    I always get black but not super impressed as I would if it had more gloss or sheen to it like the new multi coat red.
    May try the red but I am torn between the two of just blending in or sticking out.

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    Sorry ... but what does multi coat even mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sp4rk View Post
    Sorry ... but what does multi coat even mean?
    Multi-coat means that there is a base layer of pigment, one or more intermediate layers of metallic and/or slightly different translucent pigment, and a clear coat. Non-multi coat doesn't have the middle layer(s). It gives more depth to the paint job.
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