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Thread: Is 60kWh model eligible for $2500 California Clean Air Rebate?

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    Is 60kWh model eligible for $2500 California Clean Air Rebate?

    Is it true that the rebate is only for the 85kWh battery?

    CVRP Eligible Vehicles

    The official site only lists the 85kWh model.

    This might make me change my order (if I can) The difference in cost between 60kWh with supercharger and 85kWh drops to $5500 with the rebate and included supercharger.
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    I think that's just because there are no 60kWh cars, yet. Possibly the lack of EPA rating is holding up not just production, but also CVRP eligibility.

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    I don't see why it would not be eligible.
    It is a pure EV with over 100 mile range to be sold in California...
    markb1's explanation makes sense. Probably just not in the system yet.
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    Tesla had been delivering the Roadster for nearly a year before they caught up. Some government agencies were two years late.

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    Still not listed on the webiste

    The 60kwh cars will most likely begin deliveres this weekend or early next week. Anyone have plans to apply for this rebate with that battery size and wouldnt mind sharing their strategy?
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    I was told this when I emailed the CVRP program manager:

    ...we anticipate the 60 kWh Model S will be eligible for the rebate before any deliveries are made. We work closely with all manufactures, including Tesla, to avoid issues resulting from adding vehicles to the eligibility list after they are commercially available.
    So maybe email Tesla about it? I suspect this will be resolved by the time I take my delivery a few weeks from now (or maybe the money will have run out!). But as I get closer to my delivery date and it's still not resolved, I'll pester the CVRP people and Tesla more and more.

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    BTW, here's the other thread on the CVRP:

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