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Thread: The "other" Tesla grin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddRLockwood View Post
    Why not Blue/Tan! (popular combo for Ferraris)
    I don't know; it looked good (that was the combo that I got to test drive at Oakbrook during the Get Amped Tour) but it just didn't grab me. I am leaning more towards the Blue/Black due to the rugrats (7 yo and 4 yo boys )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Schlechter View Post
    85kWh, Green, tan, Obeche matte, pano, tech.

    I am utterly unable to concentrate. I'm pacing waiting for this call from Tesla to finalize details.
    I take some comfort in hearing that I'm not the only one who might as well not have showed up at the office today. 85kWh, Green, tan, lacewood, pano, tech, sound+, 19", armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddRLockwood View Post
    Why not Blue/Tan! (popular combo for Ferraris)
    That's me! Blue/Tan. The wife doesn't agree but she gets to decide on the X. This one mine. Glad to hear I'm not the only Blue/Tan guy.

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