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Thread: Weather & natural disaster impact on Tesla

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    Weather & natural disaster impact on Tesla

    Just saw on NBC Nightly news...

    Rain is going to settle in on the West Coast from Washington to Southern California and up to 10 inches of rain could fall in some places.
    I hope it doesn't affect Tesla!
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    Tesla HQ and Tesla factory are in areas that are unlikely to ever flood.
    Being near the the SF bay means that large quantities of water can (relatively) easily get back to the ocean.

    For people with houses built near creeks that can back up... that can be another (very localized) story.
    Also, mudslides in the Santa Cruz mountains can happen, but that is almost all residential.

    Perhaps a bigger concern than heavy rain would be the fact that this area can get big earthquakes.
    Next to financial and political issues, I think a giant earthquake would be the biggest risk for them...
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    My biggest concern is that we are going to get 10" by this weekend and that leaves many puddles that are well over 6" deep
    can I drive though them in my S?
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