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Thread: Registration etc for Hawaii buyers

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    Lack of Tesla support for Hawaii buyers

    Would you mind sharing what steps that you had to take to get your car in Hawaii? I just finalized my order a few minutes ago. I was told earlier this morning that in HI, AZ & TX that we have to take care of paying the sales tax & registration. I presume that we have to take our invoice to the state Dept. of Taxation to pay the sales tax, then hand it to the Tesla delivery specialist so they can deliver it to your house? And does Tesla mail the title to your house, then we have to go to the City Motor Vehicle Bureau to get our registration? What did you do while waiting for your plates? Do we get a piece of white cardboard and write a date 90 days into the future like the local dealers? This is very disappointing. Makes you wonder what that $180 preparation fee is for.

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    I suppose a sales or service location has yet to be established in Hawaii, but doesn't Tesla already have some permanent staff there?

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    No permanent staff in Hawaii as far as I know. The guy that delivered my car was from the Bay area. There is a service center in the works, and it was suppose to be open this past October, but it didn't come to fruition. So as of now Tesla's webpage says Hawaii's service center will be open by March 2013. I haven't heard anything in any more detail.

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    I purchased my current vehicle through Military Overseas sales and had the car delivered to Hawaii. got the tax bill in the mail about 6 months after delivery. I thought they had forgot. no, they remembered.

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