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Thread: Roadster JVC Stero memory lost when car is parked

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    Roadster JVC Stero memory lost when car is parked

    The JVC stereo in my 2.0 roadster needs a constant small power source to remember the settings (radio stations etc.). When I was experimenting with replacing the JVC with a newer unit, this voltage was lost and the unit now does not remember the settings. I still want to use my JVC and I need a new source to constantly power it when the car is parked, to prevent loosing my settings.

    I have tried connecting to a chargeable battery and charging the battery while the car is running, it seems to work but it is a bit complicated and the battery must be quite large and the guy helping me it can be dangerous if it charges at a too high amperage.

    Do you know of a better way? Is there a constant 12 volts supply that can be accessed inside the hole for the stereo?

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    There shoud be an onboard 12v battery on your Roadster you should be able to tap into. I am sure your old radio did this.

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    Yes, I replaced the 12 volts battery some months ago and it is working. The question is how to connect. I'd not like to have a cable sticking out from the radio and unfortunatlely I don't have instructions on how to open the dashboard, and no skills to open it without instructions.

    There are two thick black cables shown in the picture that may or may not contain a 12 volts, but I don't dare to try to open them so I'll probably go for adding a battery just for this or replacing the unit with one that does not need to be constantly powered to maintain its settings.
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