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Thread: My temp NEMA 6-50 install

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    Quote Originally Posted by sp4rk View Post
    So do I!

    I just realized last night ... that the S is 2" longer than my garage with cabinets similar to the ones in your photo ... so ... "sorry, cabinets, you lose".

    Glad rubbish pick up is Tuesday here!

    Delivery Wednesday ... ok, wishful thinking.
    I had the same issue, luckily my cabinets were long enough that it was feasible to cut their depth in half. And, of course, now it seems like I had more room in them than I ever did before!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dailydriver View Post
    Yikes - it would take another OCD guy like myself to notice something like that. You'll also notice that the bottom screw is not quite exactly vertical to match the top screw. The good news is that it is temporary and it will certainly not come loose.
    I am only OCD when it comes to remembering when to be where.

    Let's keep that an inside joke!

    I happened to be walking past my Leaf in the garage when it just dawned on me. "Hang on, this is a small car. The S is a big car. It will fit right?" I asked myself.

    Got the tape measure out, visited Tesla motors web site for specs and then went cross eyed.

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