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Thread: Toy Model S

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    Toy Model S

    Does anyone know of any toy or small scale models available for a Model S at this point? If I can't get the real thing yet, I thought it would be a great idea for a Christmas present. Searching for a Model Model S though doesn't really work.


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    I would like the same thing. Wonder if TESLA has licensed the MS to a model company?
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    I'm guessing this could change at any time, but I was told at one of the stores that the Model S has not yet been licensed for toys. Hot Wheels has the Tesla Roadster, but apparently passed on the Model S for now. I bet they could sell a ton of them at the stores if they had them, though. I know I would have bought a few.

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    You can buy an RC Roadster and Hot Wheels in various colors. We give them in charity toy drives all the time.

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    Zextraterrestrial made his own RC Model S out of one of the molded plastic shells that we got at the October 2011 factory tour; maybe, you could make an offer to him?!
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    I second the OP's request. I was also looking for a small die cast version of the Model S, much like the one that I got for my A5 ( - (diecast) model cars ## Audi A5 3.2 quattro (Audi Collection) - Schuco 5010705423 1:43).

    I'd love to see some manufacturer pick it up and create a nice little version of it. It would be pretty awesome.

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    Probably too late for Christmas presents, but I'll take three!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gg_wants_a_tesla View Post
    Zextraterrestrial made his own RC Model S out of one of the molded plastic shells that we got at the October 2011 factory tour; maybe, you could make an offer to him?!
    I still want to make some more but have been so busy working recently. I never managed to get a good polycarbonate shell to come out. they all had a crease somewhere where the vacuum pulled the plastic around the undercuts. I was going to make a 2 part mold and try something different. Laser welding aluminum seems a little tricky. stainless is muck easier so i will stick to that for the frame. I might have some time before my S comes if is isn't soon ;< - I was hoping to get it for X-mas - with GG
    I still need to make a good video of the mini S at the local skatepark. It is wicked fast for its size with all 4 Li batteries. maybe tomorrow if it doesn't rain much
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    Ditto - I am looking for 1:43 scale version of my Model S. I have a 1:43 diecast of every new car I have ever purchased - nicely organized on a shelf in my office.

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