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Thread: Dashboard Clock

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    Dashboard Clock / Stocks / Weather / News

    TeslaTime provides a large clock display for your dashboard. Styled to look like a first-party component of the display.

    To use:

    1. Using the car browser visit
    2. Click on your timezone at the bottom.
    3. Click Add to Favorites Button


    ps: Feedback most welcome.
    Last edited by Rumbles; 2013-01-14 at 04:46 PM. Reason: changed url to new address... but old one works now too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumbles View Post
    ps: Feedback most welcome.
    Seems pretty cool. I am not a web programmer so I don't know if you can even solve this problem. If you repeatedly change time zones you accelerate the clock. A few seconds per click.

    When I refresh the clock it goes back to the correct time.

    Tested on Chrome on a WinXP box (I hate my work laptop!).

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    I don't have my S yet, but this is very cool rumbles. Well-designed.

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    Very nice and classy! Thanks! Looks very good on my iPad that's a stand-in for now for a certain 17" screen.

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    Cool. Very nice clock!
    But... as a brand guy, it's never a good idea to have/allow your logo to be anything other than right-side up. Diminishes the stature. Kind of like flying the flag upside-down... a no no.

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    It took forever to zoom and get it reasonably centered, but... here's a better picture for ya.

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    Looks great, nice work

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCW-Greg View Post
    Cool. Very nice clock!
    But... as a brand guy, it's never a good idea to have/allow your logo to be anything other than right-side up. Diminishes the stature. Kind of like flying the flag upside-down... a no no.
    +1 for both

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    Would like to see Hawaii time zone
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    Rumbles: Awesome! I guess you claim the prize for the first "custom app" for the Model S! Looks great! Too bad I don't have a Model S to view it in...

    How does it look if the browser view is split in half?
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