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Thread: Hypothetical: You get one free car... what car do you choose?

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    As much as a car like the McLaren F1 would be awesome, I would still have to go with Model S.
    I stopped lusting after anything powered by gasoline...

    Having a Model S would let me start developing custom apps for the dashboard screens. The "best in the world" electric drive-train plus customizable dashboard makes it my first choice.
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    Come on, isn't anyone tempted by a flying car:
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    I went with Roadster because I was able to convince my wife that the Model S was worth it. A genie is probably the only way I get a 2-seater sports car!

    Edit: and still have a happy wife=happy life

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRod0802 View Post
    Hypothetical question:

    A genie tells you that he will give you one car for free that you're not allowed to give away or sell. It could be any car at all. An Enzo Ferrari, a Bugatti Veyron, a Ford Model T… anything. What car do you choose?

    Personally, I would choose the Tesla Model S. I actually think it’s better than everything else out there.

    What about you?
    I voted for the Tesla Model S as well.

    I would take a standard Model S (non-Performance) with the following specifications:

    85 kWh battery
    Tech Package
    Sound Studio Package
    Active Air Suspension
    Parcel Shelf
    Twin Chargers
    High Power Wall Connector
    Pearl White Paint
    Solid Roof
    19" Wheels
    Textile Interior

    $88,050 price tag, $80,550 w' $7,500 Federal Tax Credit

    The 5.6 second 0-60 is fast enough for me. I prefer fabric seats, the lighter 19" wheels, and a lighter standard roof because moonroofs add weight to the top of the vehicle and may require maintenance down the road. So basically I am asking the Genie for all the options I want and minimal future cost.

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    1959 Cadillac Biarritz Convertible to give to my wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDoc View Post
    1959 Cadillac Biarritz Convertible to give to my wife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRod0802 View Post
    Yeah the Veyron is fast, but it's loud, it gets terrible mileage, it's expensive to repair, and while it does accelerate faster than a Model S, I personally probably wouldn't accelerate very fast in it anyway due to the fact that it would be wicked loud while accelerating, and everyone would be looking at me. That's just not the kind of attention I'm looking for. As is said so well in the My Car or Our Car blog entry "[with Teslas] It's a different kind of attention ... not about [you], but about the statement the car itself makes."
    One interesting thing I learned about the Veyron from someone who sold one - it's got internet connectivity so that the car will report its performance statistics to VW technicians who are basically constantly monitoring it to ensure that it maintains its high level of performance. So the car is high-maintenence, but much of that goes on behind the scenes. The running costs will kill you though, just like a Ferarri.

    Personally, I'd be (very) happy with a R34 GT-R V-spec or an Autech Stagea (R34 wagon). I'd also accept a RS6 Avant. Alas, all the cars I want aren't available in the US.

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    I have chosen the Roadster because in a city like Rome it would be difficult to drive a big car like the Model S. I could change it in 2016 with a Gen III Tesla or even better with a Model R
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