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Thread: Hypothetical: You get one free car... what car do you choose?

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    Model S: VIN P 3552 gg_got_a_tesla's Avatar
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    Model S any day. I can't see myself paying money (except when forced to rent one) for an ICE ever again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylonfive View Post
    Frankly, as much as I adore Model S and awiating mine with bated breath, I would ask the genie for a Veyron. 8 \
    Be careful. The genie didn't offer to pay your fuel expenses
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    Its really hard for me to say since I have never seen or sat in a Model-S in person. I'm actually afraid the car might be too big for my tastes. But I just can't say for sure until I see one up close, or better yet, see how it fits in my garage. I've always liked small cars. The Chevy Volt is just about the perfect size for me. I have ridden in a Roadster before, though.. and I can say without a doubt it is far too small.

    My idea car would be a Chevy Volt with about twice the EV range and could do zero to 60 in 6 seconds or less. I think I'd be plenty happy with that.

    But if I had to pick from existing vehicles, The Tesla Model S would probably have to be it. Worst case I could always sell it and buy two Volts.

    (Incidentally, we already own a 2012 Chevy Volt and a 2011 Nissan Leaf)

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    Quote Originally Posted by contaygious View Post
    Sorry, but if money is no object I'd choose something crazy like a Bugatti.
    Yeah the Veyron is fast, but it's loud, it gets terrible mileage, it's expensive to repair, and while it does accelerate faster than a Model S, I personally probably wouldn't accelerate very fast in it anyway due to the fact that it would be wicked loud while accelerating, and everyone would be looking at me. That's just not the kind of attention I'm looking for. As is said so well in the My Car or Our Car blog entry "[with Teslas] It's a different kind of attention ... not about [you], but about the statement the car itself makes."

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    Saving for a Model 3
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    If it's an all-expenses-paid-forever genie then I'd get a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

    If it's a car-and-that's-it genie I'd take a nearly-loaded Tesla Model S Performance (which is how I voted).
    CJ Barlow

    "Until we see every car on the road being electric, we will not stop." - Elon Musk

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    P#8946 VIN 03225 nrcooled's Avatar
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    I love the Model S and I CAN'T WAIT for mine but given a free car of any make/model/year it would have to be the Ferrari FF. For what ever reason that car gets my blood boiling. Shooting brake/hatch styling, AWD, 600+hp 450+lb/ft...YES PLEASE! Practical (for a Ferrari) and drop dead gorgeous.

    Since it's front engine I can do all the work myself on the car and just pay the rediculous amount for premium gas and parts.

    Ferrari FF Official Video - YouTube

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    Model S P26 (Aus) meloccom's Avatar
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    It's a toss up between a Ferrari GTO a 1954 Benz 300 SL or a Pegaso Thrill to keep in the garage for the weekend and drive the Model S during the week.
    Naah who am I kidding, ill have a performance Model S with all the trimmings please!
    AUS P#26 S85 Anza Brown/Tan Obeche Gloss, 19" wheels, Tech, Air Suspension. Reserved 31 May 2012, Ordered 1 June 2014 and Confirmed 5 June 2014.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PopSmith View Post
    If it's a car-and-that's-it genie I'd take a nearly-loaded Tesla Model S Performance (which is how I voted).
    This was my intention.

    The point of my hypothetical is this: If you go on most car forums that sell cars for under $100,000 and ask the people there what car they want most in the world, it's usually some ridiculous super car. It's not usually the sub-$100,000 car that the forum was made for. Here things are different. I literally believe the decked out $100,000 Model S is the best car on the planet. And that's kind of cool to me.

    I was just wondering if it was that way for everyone else here too.

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    S85 - VIN:P05130 - 3/2/13 jerry33's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRod0802 View Post
    I was just wondering if it was that way for everyone else here too.
    Pretty much. If it wasn't for the Model S, I'd just stick with the Prius.
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    No brainer: McLaren F1

    The Model S is great, but there is no way I would pass up any of the classics: the Mac, F40, 288 GTO, 300SL Gullwing, etc. History is not going to look at the Model S as an instant classic. It is important and groundbreaking, but not a classic.

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