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Thread: Jalopnik silence is deafening!

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    Looked at the article and noticed this old article from August 2010. Ten hurdles for Tesla to overcome?...Interesting to look at where they are now:

    1. Tesla's best guess at how the Environmental Protection Agency will set mileage rules for electric vehicles might reduce the Roadster's touted 245-mile range and its 300-mile promise for the Model S sedan by "up to 30%."
    Well, the world didn't come to an end.

    2. It won't start building the Model S until mid-2012, while the current generation Tesla Roadster production ends in December 2011, leaving the company with little revenue just as it makes its biggest financial gamble.

    3. To tide itself over, Tesla has arranged with Lotus to buy 2,400 "gliders" - Roadster bodies minus the Tesla driving gear - which it hopes to sell while cranking on the Model S through 2012.

    3. There are only 130 prepaid orders for Roadsters not yet built as of June 30.
    Turned out not to be a problem.

    4. The 2,400 is a minimum; if Tesla can't sell them, it still owes Lotus.
    Didn't become an issue.

    5. If it needs more, it has to go back to Lotus with more money, and Lotus might have moved on by then.
    Didn't become an issue.

    6. Tesla has 2,600 deposits for the Model S worth $23 million. All such deposits are fully refundable.
    And now they have ~15k reservations.

    7. There is one drivable prototype of the Model S, but final design/tooling/engineering isn't done.
    It's done now!

    9. Tesla has 24 months' worth of cash thanks to the IPO, Toyota's $50 million investment and the U.S. Department of Energy's $465 million loan - assuming the Model S launch goes smoothly and meets its deadlines. Anything changes, and Tesla will need more cash.
    Managed through that one and now with cash from the additional offering.

    10. While Toyota has signed up for Tesla tech, Daimler has limited its business to a few test fleets, and has plans to build EVs with BYD Auto of China. After Tesla finishes its current Daimler project, there's nothing else on the boards with the German automaker.
    Daimler were happy and there's more to come.

    BTW, that's how Jalopnik numbered the bullet points!
    Roadster 2.5; Model S Sig

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    Breaking news from Jalopnik! News editor doesn't know how to unplug Model S!!

    Tesla Model S Trapped In AutoWeek Editor's Driveway By Defective Charger

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    "this is what happens when your tesla model s stops working"

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    Great first post. Amazing how Jalopnik lights up as soon as there's a negative story to throw out. For the most part though, it shows off how responsive Tesla is, and, headline aside, it's not an overly negative article.

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    This editor might get trapped on an escalator if there is a power outage.

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    Usually intentional blindness is the result of being in someone's pocket. If it has already been covered here, please forgive me asking again.

    Who strokes Jalopnik's checks and what is their beef with Tesla?

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    Jalopnik is part of a suite of basically tabloid style sites: Jalopnik, Gawker, etc. A couple, like Lifehacker, aren't ok, but I generally avoid all of them.

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