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Thread: Model S Wagon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sms_327 View Post
    It's unlikely that this would ever see the light of day simply because it would cannibalize sales of the Model X.
    I agree that it’s probably unlikely. But I think the reason we probably won’t see one is because TM doesn’t think they can sell enough of them to make it worthwhile. That combined with TM still being a very small car company with limited engineering resources and needing those engineering resources elsewhere; namely Model X and gen3.

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    If Tesla was able to adapt the Model S design and production process to make this variation .. I'd probably trip over myself trying to get the first deposit down !

    And .. as an ex RS6 owner back in my fossil juice days, I just know they'd sell a ton of these in Germany and the EU in general.

    Go on Elon. Pretty Please.
    With sugar on top .. ?

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