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Thread: Anyone in SF Bay Area with MSP want to do "scientific" testing versus M5?

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    I actually have all that data on the M5 from Laguna Seca, where I ran 1:47 last Wed (versus a 1:51 best by MSP at the Refuel event, presumably with much better drivers than I am). Different day, but weather is not going to make a 4 second difference. I was proposing straight line data to take the driver out of the equation.

    Does anyone know if telemetry data is available from the MSPs at the Laguna event?

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    If you would like to review some of the considerations with testing, here's our planning for LEAF testing in Phoenix:

    My Nissan Leaf Forum View topic - Phoenix Range Test Sept 15, 2012 planning!

    And here's the results:

    My Nissan Leaf Forum View topic - Phoenix Range Test Results, September 15, 2012

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