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Thread: Why Would You Buy A Model X over an AWD Model S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeps17 View Post
    Someone recently posted on a roadtrip with their S that they slept (or napped) in the back, with the rear seat folded down, quite comfortably. Can't find the post though...
    That seemed doable when I examined the rear space, but you'd want something to smooth out the bump from the folded-down rear seat. A thermarest, rolled-up towel, or something similar would probably be sufficient. The model X's full lay-flat back will be better still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeps17 View Post
    Someone recently posted on a roadtrip with their S that they slept (or napped) in the back, with the rear seat folded down, quite comfortably. Can't find the post though...
    Here is the post

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshG View Post
    Had to be in Los Angeles Monday afternoon... decided to drive there in the morning from home in Saratoga, CA. Drove back that same night. Overall 745 miles in 18 hours. Only doable thanks to Supercharger network. 5 visits. Gilroy, Harris, Tejon, then on way home, an RV park for an hour on a N14-50, then Tejon and Harris SC's to home.

    Car was great, and comfortable, for such a long extended drive. Got to learn lots about it during that time.

    A few tidbits:

    Napping while charging:
    if you're stuck at a SuperCharger late at night with little open/interesting around you (I'm looking at you Tejon and Harris!), it turns out you can have quite a comfortable nap in your S. (Pulled into Tejon with just 9(!) miles range left on way home arter tooling around L.A. and climbing back up the grade going north).

    Instead of reclining the driver's seat to nap, try instead leaving the driver's seat upright and fold your rear seats down flat, and climb in the back. You can quite comfortably sleep in the flat space now created from the trunk to the back seats. Made me want to put a little air mattress and pillow back there... it's actually quite spacious (I'm ~5'10"). Control your audio choices via iphone bluetooth, and quite comfy and functional. Given the amount of storage space you can still have while preserving the trunk and back seat for resting (Frunk plus floor of rear seats), you could actually do a bit of "RV-ing" in your S if you really were so inclined. (Sun shade and privacy shade of some sort for rear windows and hatch and pano roof would be nice additions).

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    The only reason i would chose an X over and AWD S....

    Tow rating

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    AWD and higher are the factors including cargo! I really don't like to wait but that's not in our hands it's in Mr. Musk's to build our vehicles with pride and care, and get them out on to the road.

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    Easy answer. AWD Model S not offered yet, and no indication as to when one will be... I have both an X and S on reserve but very likely will only take one and not both. But it's a toss up though as to which one I will end up with. Currently I am leaning on the X though, because of the AWD (and ability to haul more people and cargo and the slight ego gratification of being able to blow those porsches and BMWs off the road with an SUV-like vehicle for a while!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by richkae View Post
    Here's a potential reason not to:
    Suppose the Model X gets 15% less highway range than the Model S ( at real highway speeds of 70mph+ )

    If you want to do long trips that extra range may be important.
    Looking at the website, I'm surprised that the X is only going to be offered in 60 and 85khw. It being a bigger vehicle, and the potential for it being "more of the family vehicle" due to the third row seat, combined with the fact that it's coming out 2 years after the S (tech advancement), I actually expected the X to have something like a 125kwh option. I would think that if the vehicle is slightly larger, AND/OR battery tech has further improved in strength and efficiency, that a 125kwh option is possible and would make sense. I'll keep my hopes up that they are 'secretly working on this' and will make an announcement later this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnie1194 View Post
    Well, it's not JUST for the dogs. But you have to transport them somehow, so you need a vehicle that they fit in.
    Enjoy the new pups!
    I'll just use my dog harnesses and strap my 2 pit's to the rear-facing child seats in the S
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    Quote Originally Posted by yobigd20 View Post
    I'll just use my dog harnesses and strap my 2 pit's to the rear-facing child seats in the S
    Now pics of this I would like to see. How big are your dogs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug_G View Post
    Don't feel bad. I used to have a minivan that my wife called "the telescope case". (The telescope barely fit.) We all have our obsessions....

    At least you guys have a purpose, be it dogs, telescopes or something. My wife simply wants an SUV. Our dog is so small it fits in a prius so no excuse there.

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    Extra clearance for irregularly shaped curb adventure with side sill...

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    Cross-post from this thread:
    Is an AWD Model S Necessary?

    At around 41:30 in this video (from a day or two ago), Elon talks about AWD Model S during a Q&A:
    Teslaevent on USTREAM: . Other Events

    Question from guy an audience: "How about four wheel drive for the Model S? Will that ever be a reality?"

    George to Elon: "Think. Think." (points to head)
    Elon to George: (laughs) "I know. I know."

    Elon's response: "It's not gonna happen soon."
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