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Thread: Tesla Model C Concept Design Study

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    Direct link to the InsideEVs article referenced in the MNL thread that TEG referenced
    Unofficial Tesla Model C Sketches Leak Out…Drawn by a Tesla Intern

    Name:  Tesla-SubCompact-Concept-1.jpg
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    These sketches, drawn up by Hyonwoo Jason Kim, were released late last month on the Art Center College of Design's website. Kim, a Tesla Motors design inter from January 2011 through May 2011, likely sketched his interpretation of the Model C under Tesla's direction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kipernicus View Post
    Direct link to the InsideEVs article referenced in the MNL thread that TEG referenced
    Unofficial Tesla Model C Sketches Leak Out…Drawn by a Tesla Intern

    Name:  Tesla-SubCompact-Concept-1.jpg
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    Now, THAT looks more like a Tesla, rather than the psychedelic pagoda masquerading as a car in the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapitalistOppressor View Post
    psychedelic pagoda
    This pairing made me curious. Sure enough, there's a hit:
    Gadsden Times - Google News Archive Search
    Truly Electric Spaceship-Like Adventure ~ Signature Model Spaceship

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    I truly admire the design skills of certain artists, and this is a prime example. The aesthetic technique of taking a flat, smooth, nearly planar element such as the side of a vehicle, and carving dramatic, almost contrasting contours is impressive.

    There's one problem with everything shown here. It's from some design artist, not an auto manufacturer. Tesla Motors makes aluminum body panels, and I'm quite certain they won't go to steel. Have fun stamping out those body panels!!!!! The aluminum panels in an Model S requires multi-stage stamping, or otherwise the equipment tears through the aluminum stock. Looking at these striking images from the perspective of a manufacturing engineer, I'd say "no thanks." Looking at these images from the perspective of a mechanical engineer, all I see is wind resistance. I'm glad Mr. Kim is getting a chance to pursue ideas and express himself, and I certainly enjoy his hard work. They look very fun and I am sure some folks would enjoy owning a car that looks like that.

    However, distinctive styling to me does not mean "looks like a cool toy." One of my favorite efforts in this category was the Ford Splash.
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    In a nod to Vexar’s comments, many times there are several elements in these preliminary scetches that never make it to the production floor. And yes there are other design elements and treatments that can serve to make the sides of a vehicle less bland, one thing the Pontiac Aztec was criticized for, while having a minimal or perhaps even a beneficial effect in the Cx department. Having written that, and call me foolish, but I am considering making a bet that something strongly resembling this design will make it into production by placing a deposit with the Tesla Gallery at The Domain after it opens.

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