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    EV 2012 Montreal

    EV 2012 Conference and Trade Show | October 23 to 26, 2012 | MONTREAL QUEBEC

    I participated in a Ride 'n Drive at the conference last Saturday. Long day - gave over two dozen rides around the F1 track in downtown Montreal. Actually pretty exhausting day - drove up from Ottawa, drove around the track all day while answering questions, and drove home again. Luckily Sun Country Highway had a couple of 70A J1772 stations set up - I used the better part of three full packs that day.

    Unfortunately the track had 30 kph speed limits posted, and there were bicycles everywhere! Despite that I managed to slip in acceleration runs for people whenever there weren't any bicycles nearby. A local fellow named Vince also showed up with a white Roadster and gave spins for a couple of hours.

    In addition to the two Roadsters there was a VIA truck (plug-in hybrid), some Karmas, Ford Focus Electric, Leafs, an iMiev (the intrepid driver came farther than I did!), and a couple of e-bikes.

    Had some fun with the Karmas. One tried stopping in front of me then accelerating away. Afterwards they came over laughing to congratulate me for sitting right on their butt the whole time. I returned the favor, of course, but they couldn't keep up.

    There were also these strange alien plug-like creatures growing everywhere.
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