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Thread: Possible air suspension height settings issue

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    Does that mean it lowers the vehicle after you drive over the parking bumper and place the gear selector in park? Doesn't it rise back up when you shift into Drive or Reverse?
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    Why would the car go to Low when parked? I'd want it to go to High 1 to make it easier to enter and exit. This should be programmable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert.Boston View Post
    Why would the car go to Low when parked? I'd want it to go to High 1 to make it easier to enter and exit. This should be programmable.
    If not in the same position as you arrived, then default should be HIGH, instead of LOW.

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    I second that motion. We should add this to Rod and Barbara's list of software enhancement requests on the TM forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert.Boston View Post
    Why would the car go to Low when parked?
    Maybe they don't want to give ex-Roadster owners vertigo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeps17 View Post
    I just had my test drive last week while in florida, and was told by my co-pilot that the S automatically goes to LOW when set to park.

    I saw this in real time by looking at the car's reflection in the store window whilst in the driver's seat.

    This should be adjustable by software to prevent such curb rash.
    If the S really does go to Low when in Park, it's a bad design decision, in my opinion. At the very least it ought to be a configurable option and in the meantime the delivery specialists should be trained to warn new users about it.

    I called this in to the Ownership Experience desk this morning: the rep had no insights for me but promised to look into it. I'll let y'all know when I hear back.

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    Did the nose cone really fall off? How did you get it back on, and how is it attached?

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    I must be the only one that wants it to go low when parked. I hate seeing sedans with large rims with low profile tires and a 4" gap in the wheel wells. Or go low when the locked.

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    The warning card that come with the car says that the air suspension "may" adjust itself to level the car even when the car is off. This is why they have a tow mode that disables the air suspension. So, if you park the car and then passengers exit or you fill or empty the trunk or frunk, the can may change its height while parked and off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Burch View Post
    Probably less of a power consumption issue and more of a mechanical cycling issue. You probably wouldn't want the air suspension cycling up and down every time you stop at a stoplight or slow down.
    Can someone please confirm if the car is put into high and then turned off does it stay in high when you get back in? I'd like to know please because I have to go into high to get in And out of my driveway thx!
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