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Thread: Frequent charging options

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    FWIW, I switched over to 32A at both locations and my average "full" ideal charge has gone from mid 180s (typically 184-187) to the low 190s (191-194) almost overnight and pretty routinely.

    Can't make any comment on impact of actual miles, or any notes I took about length of charge or outside temps or whatever. Purely anecdotal numbers at this point.

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    What amps were you charging at before switching to 32amps? I charge at 30amps since my original 1.5 roadster charger is capped at that.

    I notice I recover more miles if I allow the battery pack to discharge down to 20-50 ideal miles (std. mode). I don't know why it does this since Tesla says there's no 'gas gauge' in the sheets / pack that would be recalibrated from dropping the pack down to a lower SOC. Was getting 182 ideal miles and up to 186.

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    What amps were you charging at before switching to 32amps?
    40A (on a dedicated 50A line). Only at work during the day, typically starting from a 40-50% charge. Nothing on weekends. It could sometimes go 2-3 days at times while sitting on a 65-75% charge with not even 110 to plug into.

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