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Thread: Roadster parts for sale - Denver Metro

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    Roadster parts for sale - Denver Metro

    I traded in my Roadster for a new Signature Model S, and Tesla left me with a few aftermarket parts they couldn't sell with a 'certified pre-owned' vehicle. All are used equipment in good-to-excellent, serviceable condition. Make me an offer for any or all by private message. If you don't live in the Denver area and can't pick them up yourself, I'll also have you pay my cost for shipping by your preferred method.

    1. Roadster Foundry Mobile Connector charging set with four, swappable adapters: NEMA 14-50, NEMA 6-50, NEMA 10-30 (all for 250V) and NEMA 5-15 (125V "standard").
    Roadster Foundry mobile charging kit

    2. Taylor Mesh Top. May be used in place of the Tesla soft top for a 'top-down' feel while providing some sun and wind protection; also fits the Lotus Elise.
    Taylor Mesh Top

    3. A pair of Tesla Universal Mobile Connector adapters (I modified these by removing the unused fourth pin, so Tesla rejected them as non-standard): NEMA 14-50 and NEMA 14-30 (both for 250V). These are the swappable pigtails only and do NOT include the UMC cable, Roadster charging connector and control electronics.
    Tesla Universal Mobile Connector

    4. A pair of used Bridgestone Potenza 225/45R17 rear tires, speed rating W. Also not Tesla original equipment, though they run quieter than the factory tires and they have a better tread wear rating. These tires have plenty of tread life remaining, with a little less than 2000 miles on them since new. This was my third pair of the Bridgestones and I routinely got 5500-6000 miles from a pair before getting close enough to the tread wear bars to buy a new pair.

    Photos of all these items may be viewed here:

    Tesla Roadster Parts - photos

    - - - Updated - - -

    I see I should have done a better job photographing the Taylor Mesh Top: where the mesh touches the concrete floor the color of the concrete shows through the mesh and makes it look mottled. It is not: it's all a uniform gray color.

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    Hi Steve I sent you a message as i may be interested in the Foundary Mobile Connector set. Thanks for thinking of us.

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    I sent a message about the taylor mesh top. Bayan

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    There was a lot of interest in the mesh top and the RF charging set; thanks, everyone. Everything's sold except for the Tesla 14-50 pigtail and the tires.

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    I PM'ed you about the tires...
    No matter where you go... there you are.

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    I'd like to get the UMC pigtail plug. I want to donate it to Audi so they can start another multi-year research project on electric mobility.

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