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Thread: #107 Racing Green - Bernardsville, NJ [SOLD]

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    My 2007 Lotus Exige S has "B04" as the paint code. Is this the standard "British Racing Green" paint code for the US Market?
    Is British Racing Green different from Lotus Racing Green?
    B04 is the paint code for BRG, a non-metallic paint while "Racing Green", a shade lighter, is a metallic paint.
    LRG Metalic Code - B119
    LRG is a metallic, BRG is a flat green paint
    Tesla "Racing Green" = Lotus "British Racing Green" Lotus Paint Code B04
    Tesla "Signature Green" is more similar to Lotus "Racing Green" Lotus Paint Code B119

    Confusing that Tesla "Racing Green" is not the same as Lotus "Racing Green" and that Lotus has two different kinds of Racing Greens.
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